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INTERVIEW: Get To Know ‘Cupid’ Singer Brooklyn

INTERVIEW: Get To Know ‘Cupid’ Singer Brooklyn

January 17, 2017 | D&L

Following the release of her single, ‘Cupid’ and the positive response from music lovers out there, what better time to get to know Brooklyn? We caught up with the singer to discuss her passion, performance goals and who she’s listening to right now…

L’ART: It’s been said that you have a voice that surpasses your age. When did you notice your passion for singing?

Brooklyn: I get asked this question a lot and honestly I can’t remember something clicking and thinking ‘Oh I like to sing’, I just feel it’s always been there.

L’ART: Your debut single ‘Cupid’ has been getting a lot of positive attention and shows influences of R&B, Grime and Hip Hop. Who are some of your favourite artists of the moment?

Brooklyn: There’s toooooo many to say all of them, but for sure artists like Stormzy, Stefflon Don, Angel… I’m literally obsessed with a few songs from Angels EP at the moment, geeeeeez !! Chris Brown, The Weeknd… just so many!

L’ART: When songwriting for your debut project, where did you find inspiration for lyrical content and performance?

Brooklyn: Well I always like to write about something that I’ve been through or have felt, because I find it difficult to write about something that I haven’t had or witnessed the feelings for. I find inspiration in everyday life.

L’ART: Your music video for the single ‘Hold Up’ went viral. How did you feel once hearing the reaction from the fans online?

Brooklyn: Honestly I did not expect the reaction I got, like for reaaal I was overwhelmed… still am! Just feel so, so grateful!

L’ART: You enjoyed performing at some live shows and festivals over the Summer. What are some of your dream festivals to perform at in the near future?

Brooklyn: There’s so many, Wireless, V Fest, Coachella, SXSW & Glastonbury.

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