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INTERVIEW: H&P Boys talk new music, the upcoming EP and 2018

December 9, 2017 | D&L

With their debut single ‘Brownting’ doing so well, South East London duo, H&P Boys, follow up with their new track, ‘Run It Up‘.

With its catchy Dancehall inspired feel and Afro-Swing vibes, we caught up with the Hustle & Pray boys (S Dells and Eaz) to talk new music, their forthcoming EP, Unruly and more.

L’ART: Congratulations on releasing the new track ‘Run It Up’. What was the inspiration behind the track?

H&P Boys: The song was inspired by us just wanting to release our musical energy. We wanted to create something more upbeat and something people can dance to at the club, or even the gym.

L’ART: We’re loving the Dancehall and Afrobeats vibe. How did this blend come about for the track?

H&P Boys: Our biggest musical influences were Dancehall and Afrobeats, growing up in a multicultural society, so our music compliments that.

L’ART: Your debut track ‘Brownting’ had a great reception. Tell us a bit about the creation of the track.

H&P Boys: We heard the beat from a producer friend of ours. The words just came automatically and we also wanted to create something the Black girls can feel good about. It’s important to uplift our women in this day and age.

L’ART: The Unruly EP is coming soon. When can we expect it?

H&P Boys: 2018, definitely!

L’ART: What can listeners look forward to on the project?

H&P Boys: A blend of different styles of music, ranging from club bangers to story telling.

L’ART: Being childhood friends, it’s no doubt you know each other very well. What can you reveal about yourselves that listeners don’t yet know?

H&P Boys: We played together in the same football team growing up and that’s where the bond and understanding began. We’ve always been a team.

L’ART: We’re now well into the festive season. How will you be spending Christmas?

H&P Boys: With family. Christmas is a time to cherish and appreciate family, so we intend to spend as much time with ours before the new year.

L’ART: What do H&P Boys want to achieve in 2018?

H&P Boys: Recognition for our music, to reach a global audience and get some awards for our music!

Image Source: Chama Mulenga