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INTERVIEW: Inside Ishioma’s Fashion World

INTERVIEW: Inside Ishioma’s Fashion World

December 9, 2017 | D&L

When we first saw Ishioma model for DiLiborio’s London Fashion Week (LFW) show in September, we instantly fell in love with her. Everything from her presence and her walk was so captivating, and her personality doesn’t disappoint either.

Following a successful 2017, we caught up with the model to find out what she has planned for 2018, her highlights of 2017, what she really thinks about Edward Enninful and her musical hidden talents.

L’ART: 2017 has been a huge year for you. What have been some of your highlights?

Ishioma: London Fashion Week and the lingerie campaign were my two highlights of the year. I always dreamed of getting that casting but thought I would never get a lingerie job as my boobs aren’t big [laughs]. So yes, for me that was a dream come true. Seeing all the pictures around Europe in the shops is giving me life!

It’s kind of the same for LFW. Thanks to Storm who pushed me to do the castings. They were so sure that I would get shows and that’s exactly what happened. It was just amazing!

L’ART: We loved watching you during LFW, especially in the DiLiborio show. How did that job come about?

Ishioma: I did three casting days for Fashion Week and I think that casting was on the second day. I was in the casting queue and a girl came to us, asking to make our hair really messy. I started to laugh because my hair is always messy!

Then I understood that DiLiborio was really different and I felt that I can really be myself. He told me “walk for me baby, be strong and don’t be a model”, and I guess that’s what I did. I was so proud to walk his show. I really clicked with DiLiborio. He’s just amazing.

L’ART: Going back to when your modelling career started, where were you first scouted?

Ishioma: I was at University studying Law and a guy approached me and said he really wanted to shoot me, so we did a street shoot together. One year on, he called me saying that he sent my picture to an agency and they wanted to see me. That’s how everything started. However, in London I was scouted by Storm [Model Management] at Wireless Festival. I was so drunk [laughs] I dont think I registered what was really happening.

L’ART: What was your first modelling experience like?

Ishioma: To be honest my first modelling experience wasn’t for me. I was really confused and didn’t understand what to do or what not to do. I never thought I would be a proper model one day. I was so sure I was going to follow my Law career.

I’m not like other models who started in this industry at a really young age and know all the modelling “rules”. So sometimes I was a little bit lost. I was more the model who was having fun on set, but I have always worked with clients who have been happy to help me and explain what they wanted. Now I think I’m more professional, but I’ve never lost my craziness on set and still have a lot of fun. Probably too much fun but that’s just the way I am!

L’ART: Who is your inspiration/idol within the fashion world and why?

Ishioma: I am absolutely obsessed with Edward Enninful. He is an amazing, influential figure in the fashion and music industry. He has worked on so many marvellous publications and being one of the first black men to become editor in chief of Vogue UK makes me believe that anything is possible in this industry.

Enninful has really helped with the diversity of models in the industry and I love the fact that he has made his stamp by re-creating one of the first Egyptian Queen’s on the front cover of his first Vogue cover.

L’ART: What future projects have you got coming up?

Ishioma: I’ve just shot a new lingerie campaign in Amsterdam for Hunkemoller and I can’t wait to see the campaign everywhere.

L’ART: When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Ishioma: My biggest hobby is spending every spare moment I have playing my piano. I have learnt some new tracks and I love to sing. It makes me feel so good.

L’ART: With the Christmas holidays approaching, how will you be spending the festive season?

Ishioma: I will spend Christmas with my mom and my sister, and I will do a lot of workouts as we all know we love eating during Christmas! I’m also thinking to go away for five days in a nice sunny country to escape the cold.

L’ART: The UK music scene has achieved so much this year. What albums/tracks are you playing at the moment?

Ishioma: UK music is so good, it’s my favourite! The tracks I’m so in love with at the moment and I never stop playing is ‘Linguo’ by Giggs feat. Donae’o. It’s sick!

L’ART: What goals do you wish to achieve for 2018?

Ishioma: I have so many goals. I definitely want to be more healthy because I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I can be so bad and eat loads of junk food and naughty snacks [laughs].

I really would like to move to New York and explore the modelling world there and meet new people. I really feel like I want to move around and travel a lot in 2018.

We wish you all the best Ishioma!

Image Source: Storm Management