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INTERVIEW: Boy Oh Boy It’s Jerry Williams

INTERVIEW: Boy Oh Boy It’s Jerry Williams

November 24, 2015 | D&L

Branded as one of the most exciting new UK female artists, Jerry Williams released her new track ‘Boy Oh Boy’ this month and she surely is on to a winner with her retro sound.

There is such a freshness to her sound and with her strong sense of story-telling in her songs, she has already drawn the attention of some big songwriters who she has now had the pleasure of working with, including Dan Carey, who has penned songs for Sia and Nick Mulvey.

Want to learn more about this self-confessed songwriting addict? Here’s the latest on Jerry’s next goal for the remainder of 2015, what to expect from her new music releases and why she is so excited about the Christmas holidays!

L’ART: Your latest single ‘Boy Oh Boy’ has made quite an impact on music listeners, how does it feel to create such a buzz with your music?

Jerry: It feels slightly surreal. I just write the songs and co-produce them and it’s strange when people start to pick up on them and share them! It’s an amazing feeling especially when you’ve worked so hard on something. When people repost or comment on your songs on Soundcloud all the way from the USA, Sweden or elsewhere, it’s nutty to think about.

L’ART: You write your own material, where did the inspiration for ‘Boy Oh Boy’ come from?

Jerry: It was inspired by what me and my friends talk about. I remember I was talking to my mate once about this player guy I liked and I said: “Urgh I hate him but I love him”, and that’s how the idea came about. The whole song is about teenage love and mind games, from my point of view I guess.

L’ART: You have been compared to the likes of Lily Allen and Gabrielle Aplin in terms of your music, how do you feel when compared to other artists?

Jerry: It feels pretty cool as they’re both strong female artists! I love their songs and music – so fresh. It’s important to be seen as an individual artist but I’m not complaining to be likened to those girls, it’s a massive compliment.

L’ART: You’ve been praised for your great story-telling skills, how did you gain the experience in the craft of writing?

Jerry: I’m not sure. I’ve spent a lot of time writing in my bedroom and I think I’ve just moulded myself into the writer I want to be. I loved English at school so maybe that’s helped me as well. I write about honest, real life moments that have happened in my life and I think that’s where you get the little quirks from.

L’ART: What are you most looking forward to accomplish for the rest of 2015?

Jerry: I want to be able to play ‘Wipeout’ by The Surfaris on the guitar so I can join in (instead of dancing) when my band jam it in rehearsals!

L’ART: The Christmas season is upon us, what are your plans for the festive season?

Jerry: Chilling with my family! We’re so close so I’m looking forward to having a laugh with them. My cousin has a little baby girl too so I can’t wait to feel like a kid again with her.

L’ART: When can listeners expect to hear more music from you?

Jerry: Next year there will be plenty of new music from me, with some singles and potential EP.

L’ART: Who would be your dream collaborator (musician, singer or producer) to work with and why?

Jerry: This is such a hard question! I’d love to work with Slow Club, I think their songwriting is amazing and they seem like a great laugh. Chris Martin would be a dream too. I’m a massive fan of Coldplay!

L’ART: Which music artists do you like listening to?

Jerry: I love artists like Vampire Weekend, Jamie T, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Slaves, David Gray, Coldplay, Slow Club…I could go on forever! There’s not a moment where I’m not listening to music.

L’ART: What advice would you give to your fans who are aspiring to become singer-songwriters?

Jerry: Go for it! Be the artist you want to be and stay true to yourself. Don’t change for anyone. There’s going to be hard, frustrating days but you just need to focus and keep aiming. Believe in yourself and work hard!

Photo Credit: Wilful Publicity