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INTERVIEW: Kenyon Dixon Talks Music & Working With The Greats

November 23, 2015 | D&L

Following the release of his latest EP and his contribution towards Tyrese’s last solo album release, we caught up with singer and songwriter, Kenyon Dixon.

Since talking to the Voltron Recordz artist back in 2013, the Watts, Los Angeles born artist has been focusing on his own music, as well as enjoying songwriting credits on Tyrese’s Grammy nominated album Open Invitation (‘What Took You So Long’), Black Rose & TGT’s Three Kings.

The 26 year old also had the opportunity to perform at the Grammy’s with Beyonce on ‘Precious Lord’, worked with the likes of Mary J Blige, Brandy, Chrisette Michele and even toured with Nick Jonas, Usher, Kelly Rowland, John Legend, Pharrell and more!

‘Making a smooth transition to the front of the stage, he has most recently released his 4th self-written and co-produced project titled ‘Twenty Four’.

‘Kenyon is becoming a favourite amongst the ‘New School’ trendsetters of R&B. When asked about his music, he replies ‘It’s all vibe. I like to call it Rhythm & Vibe. It’s not really a sound. It’s more of a feeling.’

So what’s next for the guy who grew up in the Church, has philanthropic work with Thee Master Class and trained in dance from a young age?

L’ART: You had the opportunity to be involved with Tyrese’s album, Black Rose. How did this come about and how did it feel to be a part of his last solo album release?

Kenyon: I was already working with Tyrese as a background vocalist and touring with him. I’ve been touring with Tyrese for the last five, six years. When you’re around good people, it’s open to creating a relationship. We went to Arizona, blocked out that month specifically to work on that album and Black Rose stemmed from there.

I know that’s what he said [Black Rose is his last solo album release] but we’re trying to talk him out of it. It’s been his biggest album yet, so that’s amazing to be a part of that.

Me and Tyrese actually became like family. We started working on that album in January 2013. A lot of those records two years later wasn’t going to work for an album. (Ironically the ones Kenyon wrote, made the album), so that was pretty cool to see that happen. The feeling is great, to see, hear your work. It’s extra for me to be out on the road, touring, singing this stuff that I wrote with the artist. It’s a blessing.

L’ART: Where do you find the inspiration to write?

Kenyon: I draw inspiration from everywhere, from life, the smallest things. Most of my inspiration comes from music; good music. When I hear great songs, there’s a feeling that just comes with that, that inspires you to want to create. I maintain that feeling throughout my creative process.

L’ART: As an artist, what would you say has been the hardest bridge for you to cross?

Kenyon: For me it’s been transitioning from background singing to lead, as far as other people perceive you. People always enjoy my music and the quality of my work. It took a while for them to go ahead and accept me on the stage, doing my own music.

L’ART: What are the cons of being an entertainer and a songwriter?

Kenyon: People know you can get exposed to great amounts of money at one time and if you have no idea of the business side of things, it’s here today and gone tomorrow.

L’ART: Your EP 24 marked a special moment for you. Moving forward, what can listeners expect from your new music releases to come?

Kenyon: That times ten, vibes wise. There’s a consistent vibe I’ve had from the first record I put out, to the last and that’s what keeps people there, but I’ve now maximised that (for new project SUPAFLY). I’ve found a way to make it all new and refresh everything, with a back in the day, Missy Elliott & Timbaland ‘Cant Stand The Rain’ vibe. I’m just excited.

Check out a preview courtesy of Kenyon, as well as two other song previews here and here; enjoy!

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