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INTERVIEW: Laughta is here to represent the ladies of Grime

INTERVIEW: Laughta is here to represent the ladies of Grime

August 22, 2017 | D&L

Grime MC, Laughta, is a new artist on the scene, and she definitely isn’t stepping into it quietly.

Full of energy and passion, her personality and sound is already attracting the masses, so what better time to get to know the lady behind the ferocious lyrics?

L’ART: Where did the inspiration for your stage name stem from?

Laughta: Where I grew up, we all had tag names which best described us, and we had them printed on our jackets. I was the girl who laughed, a lot so my friends called me Laughta, and the name just stuck by me.

L’ART: In a genre that’s mostly dominated by males, how does it feel to represent the females out there in the Grime scene?

Laughta: It’s an honour to be one of the female faces of Grime, as there aren’t enough females that do it. The mandem out there which are repping for Grime are so inspiring, as they have grafted for years to get Grime to where it is. So to be part of it is so sick and I am grateful for it.

L’ART: My Terms and Conditions EP, gave music listeners a nice intro to your sound. With their history working with the likes of Stormzy, Ghetts, and Lethal Bizzle, what was it like working with The Heavytrackerz?

Laughta: The HeavyTrackerz are extremely warm and welcoming and were one of the first established producers to really give me an opportunity to set the path to my current sound.

L’ART: Speaking of big names in the Grime scene, Jammer produced, ‘Pree My Ting’. Talk us through this work collaboration…

Laughta: Jammer invited me down to his home studio. It was an amazing experience, and we connected straight away. I loved the beat he made so much I wrote and recorded the song that day with him. We then worked on the video and here we are.

L’ART: Following the single’s release, what’s next for Laughta?

Laughta: A lot more to come, stay tuned. Follow me on socials to keep up to date @laughta1 everywhere.

L’ART: Who are you currently listening to?

Laughta: Chipmunk’s new album LOMO2 (League Of My Own 2). It’s hard!

Image Source: Ten Letter PR