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INTERVIEW: Lights Announces Cruise & UK Tour!

December 8, 2015 | D&L

Electro-Pop artist, Lights, will be embarking on a UK tour and as she’s scheduled to make two stops in London, what better time to catch up with the ‘Up We Go’ artist!

Having taken her tour across the US & Canada, along with promo stops in Europe, from March 12th through to the 16th, Lights will follow her busy 2015 with an even busier start to 2016. From her first single release, to today where her third album has now been released, it’s been a great journey so far for Lights …

L’ART: Your single ‘Up We Go’ and third studio album, Little Machines, is now out there. How would you describe the vibe and message of the new project?

Lights: I think overall I just wanted people to lose themselves in it and be reminded of simpler sh*t. Life gets so complicated and annoying and music is an escape from that. I wrote the record after a long bout of writer’s block, which forced me to really figure out what I like about making music and what I’m willing to accept about the industry. I think I found a happy place in the end and that’s where Little Machines came from—nostalgia, candy, new wave, love and living in the moment.

L’ART: Little Machines is described as a ‘self assured expansion’ on everything you’ve done to date. How would you describe your journey from your debut to where you stand today?

Lights: From my view it’s been this really wandering, unsure journey of learning how to be a front person and how to put on a good show. Always learning how to deal with attention in both negative and positive light, coping with stress when stress keeps coming. The only constant in it has been writing songs that I love and letting that take me to the next place. I always write from the heart about things that matter to me. I always play on my records, I always contribute to the production. I’m very close to all of my work and as a result that’s always been my guiding force through an industry that still boggles my mind.

L’ART: You recently visited the UK. What did you get up to on your trip?

Lights: We stopped in for some acoustic sessions and other fun promo and snuck in a cheeky Nando’s once or twice.

L’ART: Who do you look up to for musical inspiration?

Lights: Joni Mitchell has been an exemplar songwriter for me; she’s such a powerful story teller. Kate Bush is like the production dream; her music is so synth forward and interesting and Bjork has always danced to the beat of her own drum. She is her very own genre and that’s always inspired freedom of creativity and innovation for me.

L’ART: So what’s next for Lights?..

Lights: We just started our fall tour so that will carry us through the rest of the year. Also coming soon is a stripped down EP version of Little Machines which I’m really proud of and can’t wait for everyone to hear. There will be a video coming for one of those tracks as well and we just announced we’ll be doing the Parahoy cruise next spring (sailing from Miami to Mexico) with Paramore, Chvrches and X Ambassadors – some of my favourites!

Tickets are now on sale for dates in Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton and London.

Photo Source: Halestorm PR