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INTERVIEW: Natasha Adams, Creator of Growin Pains

January 28, 2018 | D&L

Following our review of the UK web series, Growin’ Pains, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without delving deeper into the people behind the characters, and most importantly, the woman who created the web series.

With a background in producing, directing and editing, creating Growin’ Pains was a natural stepping stone for Natasha Adams and the result is a creative outlook on the lives of London youths; the side you don’t necessarily get to see, until now. We caught up with Natasha to discuss her favourite scene to date, the real-life friends her characters are based on and the all important arrival of season two (spoiler alerts included).

L’ART: Starting from the beginning, how did the idea for the web series come about?

NA: I always had an interest for filming. I watched a lot of things online but there wasn’t anything that I could really relate to, so I decided to create something that I would want to watch if I were on the other side.

L’ART: You focus on a number of social issues in the series, what was the inspiration behind them?

NA: All the stories are based on people that I’ve met in my life; exaggerations of my circle of friends or people that I have come across. Those issues [unemployment, male body confidence, sexual orientation…] aren’t really spoken about as much so I wanted to come away from the traditional things that are usually shown.

L’ART: How do your friends feel about you portraying them on screen?

NA: They actually don’t know that it’s them [laughs] but it’s an exaggerated version of them. They wouldn’t watch it and think “that’s me”. I went to an all girls school so there was always something going on. I had a lot of options of storylines to pick and I’ve got a lot more coming in season two.

L’ART: You have such a great and relatable cast. What was it like working with them and bringing your story to life?

NA: I was really lucky that I got a group of people who are very like-minded. We all wanted it to work and they made it an easy job for me.

L’ART: Was there a particular, memorable scene that really stood out to you?

NA: My favourite was the very last scene where Aaron gets stabbed. I like the way we shot that, how we showed them running away… the person who stabbed him, the camera was that person. I think that was really good.

L’ART: Without giving too much away, what can we expect for season two?

NA: A lot of twists, more drama, more explosiveness… it will be fast paced. Season one was an introduction and it took a while to get to the drama, but with season two it will be drama non-stop.

L’ART: In the past you have mentioned Noel Clarke [Kidulthood series] as an inspiration. Is there anyone in the industry you have always wanted to work with?

NA: There isn’t anyone that stands out. A lot of the people who did Kidulthood have done really well from that film but I think it’s time that more people get the recognition. There are a lot of young talented people who have great ideas.

We [as up and coming talent] struggle to find a way for people to see us. We’re like a small fish in a big pond. I want to work with people that are passionate and have the same drive as me. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter where you come from. We can work on a certain goal together.

L’ART: Where do you wish to see Growin’ Pains in the next year/future?

NA: Right now we’re starting production on season two and casting our net wide. There isn’t [a date] at the moment. I’m not going to say a date until I’m completely happy with everything. As the production goes on you always find bits that you want to change, so I want to make sure that this time I learn from all my mistakes from season one.

After season two I would like to take the cast abroad and do Growin Pains in another country. I would also like to do Growin Pains the movie. These things will definitely happen; they’re in the pipeline.

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