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INTERVIEW: QT Jazz Talks Music, Dance & Acting!

INTERVIEW: QT Jazz Talks Music, Dance & Acting!

October 12, 2015 | D&L

This weekend saw up and coming actor, singer, dancer and songwriter, Jazmine ‘QT Jazz’ Robinson celebrate her 20th birthday, with a radio takeover and a performance in Georgia.

The ‘Atlanta Pop Princess’ is currently enjoying the beginning of her career as it continues to reach strengths ahead of her upcoming EP release.

Known as the protege of Kandi Burruss, Xscape’s Tiny and rapper T.I., QT Jazz has made appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta, has opened for and worked with Ne-Yo, Monica, B.O.B., Mindless Behavior, Diggy, Jacob Latimore and her mentors, as well as been a reporter for brands Sprite and Coke. Now entering a new chapter at aged 20, what’s next for this ‘big capsule of talent compiled in one small package’?

“My music would have to be my main focus,” she said. “I find the busier I am, the easier it is for me to stay focused. It’s not really like i’m working. I do have some down time where I chill, but I work better when I’m busy.” After all, she has the most fun when she’s performing.

Some of QT Jazz’s favourite artists include Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Tori Kelly and Ne-Yo; all artists which she would love to work with.

“Everthing they do is great and well thought out. To sit down and write with Tori would be awesome and when I think of classic r’n’b, I think of Ne-Yo. If I wanted a really, really awesome r’n’b record, I would go to him.”

Growing up, her mother did a lot of work in business management for entertainers including Xscape and The Braxtons, giving QT Jazz a behind the scenes version of the industry. As she learnt the craft, as well as training in areas of music and dance, opportunities to perform for artists including Monica and Mindless Behavior soon followed.

Some of QT Jazz’s work to date includes an Aaliyah remix, which she wrote, a tribute to Xscape and a collection of lip gloss, the QT Collection, which you can purchase at www.qtjazz.com. QT Jazz thought it important to pay homage to Xscape on the ‘Understanding Remix’ after members Tiny and Kandi weren’t happy about the way they were portrayed on the programme, Unsung. With plans for a biopic to be created in the near future, the song also acts as a subtle hint as to who should play the Xscape ladies in the upcoming production.

“Doing music is one thing, but being able to sell merchandise… people love it. It is an awesome thing I did.”

So is there any more news on more cosmetics to come?

“I plan to add more products,” she revealed. “I was always into make up. I made it my priority to learn to do make up, I’d have to keep up (at events her mother was invited to). It kind of forced my hand, but I also enjoy make up in itself.” We sense some nail polishes to match the lip gloss will be coming in the near future.

It’s not just the world of music, dance and cosmetics that has QT Jazz’s heart, as she has upcoming roles in the acting. She can’t reveal too much just yet, but be sure to keep an eye out for roles to come!

With her mother as her biggest inspiration and maintaining a very active role in her life, QT Jazz also has thoughts of her own when it comes to advice for her people her own age.

“Social media played such a big role with me getting contacted with Sprite and Coke. You are your own promo. Don’t post or promote something that reflects you in a negative way. You can be your own business.”

Photo Source: Rod at Photo Magic Studios