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INTERVIEW: Reggie N Bollie share their achievements & future plans

May 4, 2017 | D&L

Music duo, Reggie N Bollie, have been creating waves on the radio with their new single drop, ‘This Is The Life’, and the track already has listeners ready for Carnival season.

Since their time on X Factor UK, the duo have shared new music, started their own record label and more. We caught up with the pair to talk all things music, show schedules and future projects…

L’ART: It’s been a great journey for you both since appearing on the X Factor UK. In three words, how would you describe the experience?

Reggie N Bollie: We would say that it has 100% ‘been a blessing’. A life changing and an amazing experience.

L’ART: For the fans wanting to know what you’ve been up to, tell us a bit more about life after the show.

Reggie N Bollie: Life after the show has been very good. We’ve been busy gigging around the country and overseas as well since the end of the X Factor. If we are not on the road gigging, then we are locked in the studio working on new songs, as we are trying to finalise our album.

L’ART: You’ve released the follow up single to ‘New Girl’, ‘This is the Life’ and we’re loving the fusion of dancehall and afrobeats on the track. How did this combination come about?

Reggie N Bollie: Oh Thank you! We kind of felt that it was the right time to finally put out a song that truly represents who we are and the sound we want to put out. We’ve combined together two music cultures, the dancehall vibe with the afrobeats style to create this song.

L’ART: You now have your own label, F.R.O.D. Music, self-releasing the new track. Congratulations! Where did the name originate from?

Reggie N Bollie: We were looking for an impactful meaning that could explain our passion behind what we do and how we like being in control of our own decisions and destiny. We came out with the phrase ‘ Fearlessly Ruling Our Destinies’ and made it short as F.R.O.D Music.

L’ART: We can see ‘This is the Life’ being the ultimate Summer, party track. Can we catch you at any performance locations over the next few months?

Reggie N Bollie: Yes! We have many gigs and Festivals lined up for the summer. Fans can follow our social media pages and our website www.reggienbollieofficial.com to check our tour locations.

L’ART: Moving forward, what are your plans for the label?

Reggie N Bollie: We want to grow the label to be one of the best and as time goes on, we have plans on signing other artists to help move their career to the possible best. This is the long term plan.

L’ART: What’s next for Reggie N Bollie?

Reggie N Bollie: Definitely we are releasing our album this year and possibly we will embark on our own tour after that. We hope to expand our music overseas as well as we are working on a few projects. Definitely, you will see and hear more from us. Keep watching this space. 🙂

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Image Source: Ten Letter PR