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INTERVIEW: Startup U’s Entrepreneur Sequioa B

October 12, 2015 | D&L

With the season finale of Startup U airing on October 15th, we check in with entrepreneur Sequoia B, whose confidence, hard work and drive has resulted in her working closely with Skype and Hotmail investor, Tim Draper.

Now a mentee of the billionaire venture capitalist, Sequoia features on the reality show as Tim’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and advises students competing for capital… think what Ivanka Trump is to Donald on Celebrity Apprentice.

“By way of my natural personality, I’ve always been very confident and Tim is very quirky,” Sequoia said of her role on the show. She went on to discuss Tim’s level of risk taking; an attribute certainly needed when in his line of work.

“Tim’s on another level of risk taking. He didn’t know Drape University was going to be successful. Being around brilliant minds has allowed me to venture into more risk taking myself. Being around Tim has definitely influenced my personality.”

On first meeting Tim and being entered into his entrepreneur residence programme back in January, Sequoia’s first thoughts on the working environment and the company were, ‘how has this not been picked up for a reality show?’. Fast forward to the future and the ABC Family network picked up the show and they haven’t looked back since! It seems Sequoia knows a good thing when she sees it.

Although Sequoia currently enjoys her high flying role today (did we mention she just launched her new company 7AM, an online marketplace for personal development funded by Tim) she also has an impressive background in the media industry. So what was it that influenced her change in career direction?

After working in the commercial and music video directing industry for nine years, Sequoia had built up a portfolio working with the likes of Diggy Simmons, Justin Bieber and Jacob Latimore.

Being signed to production companies where she was able to work with mainstream artists, direct commercials and shoot fashion photography allowed her to thrive in a work setting she really enjoyed, however after falling seriously ill, the down time led the successful media worker to reflect.

“If this was the end, would I be excited about the legacy I had left?”, she thought. Sequoia was happy about the impact made with her work, but was it the impact that she wanted?

“I ended up taking a different direction completely”, she revealed. A direction that today has seen her succeed in the entertainment business and continue to learn from one of today’s business personalities every day.

“I’m consistently pitching in the entertainment industry. Your job is to sell your vision, be super passionate about it… selling my visions was ten times easier with experience.”

Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s finale and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday October 15th at 5pm EST on ABC Family. You can also tweet live alongside Sequoia as the show airs, using the hashtag, #StartupU.

Connect with Sequoia @SequoiaB, Instagram SequoiaBlodgett

Photo Source: Luc-Richard Photography