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INTERVIEW: Stonebwoy discusses the new album and highlights of 2017

INTERVIEW: Stonebwoy discusses the new album and highlights of 2017

January 8, 2018 | D&L

As the fusion of Afrobeats and Dancehall vibes continues to be a music favourite here in the UK, we caught up with Afro-Dancehall artist, Stonebwoy, after he stopped off in London at the end of 2017 to host an album listening party.

Having created waves across the world with his sound, we caught up with the Ghanaian artist to talk album features, 2017 highlights and more, following the Epistles of Mama (#EOM) release.

L’ART: You recently held an album listening party. How did it go?

Stonebwoy: Amazing! It was simple and classy.

L’ART: The new album, Epistles Of Mama, is out now. What’s the story behind the title?

Stonebwoy: The title is inspired by my late mother. She will always remain my greatest inspiration across all phases of life and not just my musical career.

L’ART: It’s also a double album. Tell us a bit about the music making process.

Stonebwoy: The songs on the album were carefully selected, with the idea of reaching out to the world and African markets on a global scale. The album is a typical combination of Reggae, Afrobeats and Dancehall,which is blended with numerous addictive melodies. It took approximately two years to create, with the majority of songs coming together at the later part of the second year.

L’ART: You’re described as creating an Afro driven Reggae and Dancehall sound. Where do you find inspiration when it comes to making music?

Stonebwoy: Africa will forever remain the foundation from where the world was birthed, therefore my inspiration is drawn from all that goes on in and around my world and the world as a whole. The experiences of mankind, the struggle of the ghetto youths, the lavish living of the fortunate; the simple things that life is based upon.

L’ART: There are some great collaborations on the track listing including Sean Paul, Burna Boy & Kabaka Pyramid. How did you go about deciding features for tracks?

Stonebwoy: As the songs came, there’s always one particular artist that will fit the description to be featured. The features on the album were strictly based on who was the best fit.

L’ART: What were some of your highlights during the process?

Stonebwoy: The in-depth thought process through telling the stories in each song. They were clear enough that one will only need to listen to the song just once to grasp the concept.

L’ART: What are some of your stand out moments from 2017?

Stonebwoy: Touring Australia and Europe.

L’ART: What are some of your goals/ resolutions for 2018?

Stonebwoy: To reach out to the world with my musical stories and represent for the culture, creating real music with real content.

L’ART: With the end of year round up lists circling at the end of 2017, who are you currently rating?

Stonebwoy: I rate every one putting in their time and energy to create good, real music, that will stand the test of time.

L’ART: The UK music scene has definitely come a long way, with the Afrobeat sound also being involved in creating a much loved sound. Why do you think that is?

Stonebwoy: The UK as a country has been one of the worlds biggest colonies, leading to multiculturalism and all music and cultures from across the globe coming together. It’s clear that Africans, especially from the West, are dominant with their sounds and this is the result.

L’ART: What’s next for Stonebwoy in 2018?

Stonebwoy: More content filled, inspirationally driven music, as well as promoting and shooting music videos for the songs on the new album, #EOM.

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