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INTERVIEW: Tarek Khwiss Of Gawz Dance Agency

January 9, 2017 | D&L

When speaking to Tarek Khwiss, it was clear to see that he was passionate about dance, his agency and the teachers and students he has met along the way.

Through his journey he has taken many opportunities, including travelling to the US for training, which have contributed to the community he has surrounded himself with today.

With experience in many dance styles including ballet and hip-hop, there have been many highlights in Tarek’s dance career. When speaking about the stand-out moments of his journey, he credited “training with incredible instructors, working with choreographers, as well as going to Europe and the US teaching workshops” as some of the biggest moments for him.

Whilst training as a dancer, he looked up to figures such as Sisco Gomez and Dominic Lawrence Smith. When speaking of Dominic, Tarek said: “He’s such a humble guy and focuses more on your teaching, training and making sure you’re OK. On top of being different and versatile, I couldn’t find anyone who did his style, so that popped out to me more than anything.”

Now, you can catch Tarek at his weekly Studio 68 classes (Sunday’s at 4pm) where he has recently incorporated heels into his classes.

“I’ve always loved being feminine and sassy, which took me to that part of my dance career and going into commercial dance. I took my first heels class with Frida Svensson who is a dancer from Sweden and she trained at Broadway Dance Centre.”

He also took classes with Dana Foglia and Danielle Polanco and years later bought his first pair of size 11 heels!

“I don’t just teach one style. I thought it would be great to keep switching every 2 weeks with heels and commercial. Now it’s a regular thing.”

Since teaching classes, he has never looked back. His classes are about positivity, training and supporting each other, which is why it’s a huge bonus when he witnesses the progression in his students’ work.

In 2013, Tarek created Gawz, a dance entertainment agency and community who unite people from all backgrounds of life, which is what he loves.

They offer workshops, private tuition and entertainment for all sorts of events including advertising campaigns, music videos, stage performances, birthdays and more.

“We are genuine and like to break the mold of the industry today. Working in this industry, I feel you’re always put in a category or a box and I want to have a community for people who don’t want to live their life like that. Which is why Gawz was created to bring everyone together instead of separating.”

When speaking of Gawz, Tarek describes the agency as energetic, sassy and bold as they are full out, here to kill and they certainly stand out!

Tarek wanted to create something different with Gawz as well as innovating and uniting the industry. So with much planning, networking and creating a memorable logo of the palm and two fingers – which is always incorporated in his dance – Gawz continues to be active around the world.

“I started to ask different dancers and choreographers to do the sign, which then led me to promote them on my social media.” The rest – as they say – is history.

Now, Tarek is focused on building Gawz into something bigger and greater for its official launch. Dance has always been his passion and for those wanting to pursue a career in dance, he has some valuable advice for you. “Train hard, be versatile, be yourself and most importantly be Gawz. Remember that you are a powerful person. If you have control over your mind then everything will fit into place.”

When speaking of his 2017 goals for Gawz, Tarek said: “I wish for it to be successful, provide talent before image and to have a first class service that will want clients to come back for more; not just for the dance but the full experience.”

We truly love what Gawz represents and wish Tarek all the best on this great venture!

Follow Tarek and Gawz online today and check out his raw class footage above:

Twitter – @Tarek_k/ @GawzDanceAgency

Instagram – @Tarek_k/ @Gawzdanceagency

Image Source: Tarek Khwiss