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INTERVIEW: The Black Jesus EP, artist Chase N. Cashe, talks music, inspiration and creativity

INTERVIEW: The Black Jesus EP, artist Chase N. Cashe, talks music, inspiration and creativity

March 8, 2017 | D&L

From producing from as young as 17 and achieving Grammy success (Drake’s ‘Look What You’ve Done’), to solo music releases and quadruple platinum singles (Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Drop the World’), Chase N. Cashe continues to reach new heights.

Now having released his new EP, The Black Jesus, with Jansport J, we caught up with the artist who’s proven to be just as much a master on the boards, as he is in the booth…

L’ART: Congratulations on the release of your new EP. What was the inspiration behind the album title?

Chase N. Cashe: Thank you for the congrats. The album was inspired by people telling me that I look like Jesus and Jansport J happened to send me a beat via email that was titled, ‘The Black Jesus, so I just followed the signs from God and used it as the album title.

L’ART: Talk us through the visual for the title track.

Chase N. Cashe: The visual for ‘The Black Jesus’ was inspired by the As Above, So Below concept, which is why I chose to have a heavy dose of the sky and the ocean in the video. I also wanted to be seen in a natural setting to give the fans a feeling of transparency when they embrace my art, so they can feel the authenticity of it.

L’ART: In ‘As The World Turns’ you give us a glimpse into your personal life. In what ways have past events shaped you as a person/artist?

Chase N. Cashe: They’ve helped shape me in every way possible. I’ve been through a lot in my life but since 2005 it’s really been a roller coaster ride like no other. I’ve survived tragic weather storms and I’ve been on nationwide tours with Drake. It has all helped me remain motivated and grateful. Everything I go through in life goes into a song lyric or an instrumental in due time.

L’ART: As well as your own music, you’re also known for your work producing for others. What do you enjoy most about creating music for other artists?

Chase N. Cashe: I love helping them succeed. I like to see people win in ways that they believe in. I’m not a fan of moulding one artist after another artist. All of us have a niche and as a producer I get to tap into that with the artist to present it to the fans.

L’ART: What differences, if any, do you experience when producing music for yourself, as opposed to producing for another artist?

Chase N. Cashe: I’m more of a scientist when producing my own music and I’m more of a coach when producing others. I can spend as much time as I want on my own music, but when working with another artist I am at their leisure and whatever vision they create I’m there to support it, not disagree with it.

L’ART: What’s next for Chase N. Cashe, following, The Black Jesus EP?

Chase N. Cashe: I will be releasing music videos for a song I have titled ‘Reporting Live…’ that is produced by Free P, and another song produced by myself titled ‘Major Priority’, and they’re both directed by Red Revolver Films. I’ll be releasing ‘We Never Close 2’ with Negus in the Spring / Summer. Consistent creative output is my focus for 2017.

L’ART: Described as having ‘an ear and an eye for who and what’s next’, who would you like to work with in future?

Chase N. Cashe: I would like to work with Popcaan because I love his music. I love reggae music and Popcaan’s voice is one of my favourites. I would also like to work with Burna Boy.

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Image Source: Music In Motion