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INTERVIEW: We catch up with, Blonde Electra, ahead of this week’s single release

INTERVIEW: We catch up with, Blonde Electra, ahead of this week’s single release

April 11, 2017 | D&L

UK based Pop duo, Blonde Electra, are set to release their new single, ‘Radio’.

Sisters, Ruby and Jazzy King, have been making music all of their lives, and describe their music as a fusion between Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Having been scouted by Simon Cowell, appearing on the X Factor, and worked as songwriters in Europe and the US, the sisters look forward to their upcoming album release next month, Pop Tart.

We caught up with the ladies to hear the latest…

L’ART: You’ve been busy since your time on the X Factor. How have you been spending your time since the show?

Blonde Electra: We’ve taken a very important gap to really focus on our music. We wrote more than 150 songs, collaborating with so many fabulous writers in L.A. You can expect a very ‘Katy Perry meets Justin Bieber’ vibe.

L’ART: Your new single release, ‘Radio’, is out this week. Tell us a bit about the track.

Blonde Electra: ‘Radio’ is actually the first song we ever wrote together as Blonde Electra. It was one of those tracks which took 20 minutes to write. In the first five minutes, we knew it was magic. The song is all about partying and just having fun. We actually showed it to our crazy religious dad. He absolutely hated it. That’s when we knew we’re onto something awesome. He’s our filter. If he likes it, we trash it.

L’ART: You both like to write songs. Where did inspiration stem from for your latest track?

Blonde Electra: Writing has always been our passion. We’ve been writing for the last seven years, since we signed with Universal Publishing. It’s a really cool way to vent. Whatever we feel, we write about it and ‘Radio’ was no different. We’re so excited about our upcoming album, Pop Tart, and we can’t wait to share it with the world this summer on our tour!

L’ART: You ladies also have a passion for fashion. When did this begin?

Blonde Electra: Jazzy and I have always loved fashion. What you wear can be a very useful tool to show what you’re about. We stand for being yourself 100%, even if it may upset people. We feel that it is so important to flaunt it and not be afraid to stand out. We love to push the envelope with everything we do. For us, there is nothing worse than the thought of blending in.

L’ART: It’s thought that your fashion inspiration comes from your aunt, Cher!…

Blonde Electra: Cher definitely inspires us. Her fashion sense is on point. But also her personality and what she stands for is what we love most about her. She’s bold. She’s daring and she doesn’t give a f***. We [love] our aunt Cher.

L’ART: What advice has your aunt given you when it comes to your music and career?

Blonde Electra: We actually had a huge feud with Cher’s son while we were on the X Factor. He wanted to manage our band and he made us sign a really shady contract. But he was super weird and controlling, so we we’re like ‘’Let’s get the hell out of here’’. That’s when we joined the X Factor. Cher backed us 100%.

L’ART: Your album is due for release next month. What can fans expect from the upcoming project?

Blonde Electra: You can expect a very emotionally, colourful album. We wanted to really take the time and write from the heart. So we’re not gonna lie, a lot of the tracks are about boys! The good boys and also about the ones we’d like to slap!

L’ART: What can fans expect from Blonde Electra following the album release?

Blonde Electra: We’re going on tour! We’ve got 35 shows booked out throughout the UK, which will be announced on our website soon! We can’t wait to see all our fans again, as well as meet some new ones! We’ve missed you guys so much. We can’t wait to share our experiences with you through our music!

Image Source: Forever PR