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INTERVIEW: We catch up with ‘No Don’ duo, Lotto Boyzz

INTERVIEW: We catch up with ‘No Don’ duo, Lotto Boyzz

January 8, 2018 | D&L

After going on their own headline tour, releasing the Afrobbean EP and receiving a couple nods on Artists to Watch for 2018 lists, Lotto Boyzz certainly ended 2017 on a high.

We caught up with the UK music duo, made up of members Ash and Lucas, to get some insight into their memorable tour, creating an anthem for their hometown of Birmingham and more…

L’ART: After a busy 2017, how did you spend the holidays?

Lotto Boyzz: During the festive season we spent a lot of time with our families. It’s the perfect time of year for catching up with relatives and friends.

L’ART: Congratulations on completing your tour. How was it ending the milestone event back in your hometown?

Lotto Boyzz: Ending the Afrobbean tour in Birmingham, overall it was a great moment. To see our hometown screaming every single lyric back to us, with so much love and energy is an achievement and inspiration.

L’ART: No doubt it went off when it came to performing the anthem, ‘Birmingham’…

Lotto Boyzz: Yeah, performing ‘Birmingham’ in Birmingham was long overdue. It was crazy!

L’ART: How does it feel for fellow Brummies to look up to you as a positive product of their city?

Lotto Boyzz: To be honest we didn’t really think it would happen so soon, but we are genuinely grateful and excited to become even bigger inspirations for our Birmingham family.

L’ART: What were some of your tour highlights?

Lotto Boyzz: Our favourite tour highlights were joining in with the mosh pits. That was the craziest and most spontaneous thing we did.

L’ART: ‘No Don’ has also become a track favourite for many this year. Where did the inspiration for the track stem from?

Lotto Boyzz: ‘No Don’ stemmed from a vibe and just having fun with the topic of money. We didn’t even think it would become as big as it did (laughs)!

L’ART: The EP, Afrobbean, is out now. Tell us a bit about the creative process.

Lotto Boyzz: Creating the Afrobbean EP was amazing. Mainly because we learned so much as artists. Other than that, we really enjoyed the development of each track and seeing them come to life when we released the EP.

L’ART: The UK music scene continues to go from strength to strength. Who are you listening to at the moment?

Lotto Boyzz: Wavey Gang, Gambimi, Mya Remi, and Mowgli.

L’ART: Who would you like to collaborate with in future?

Lotto Boyzz: We’d like to collaborate with Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars.

L’ART: Congratulations on being recognised on MTV and i-D’s Artists to Watch lists. Where were you when you heard the news?

Lotto Boyzz: In the studio working on some features that we have coming up…

L’ART: How does it feel to be recognised for your art?

Lotto Boyzz: We feel honoured. It is such a positive feeling to know the hard work we’re putting in is being noticed and we’re getting the recognition and support from big platforms like MTV.

L’ART: Describe your 2017 in three words.

Lotto Boyzz: Prosperous, blessed and Afrobbean!

L’ART: What’s next for Lotto Boyzz in 2018?

Lotto Boyzz: You can expect nothing but wavey vibes, smooth features, the tour and a big announcement sometime this year! (It’s a secret.) This year is going to be a good year by God’s grace.

Image Source: Sony Music