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INTERVIEW: ZUSH talks new EP & the London music scene at present

INTERVIEW: ZUSH talks new EP & the London music scene at present

June 21, 2017 | D&L

After sharing the brand new video release, for the single ‘Take You There’, up and coming London based Hip Hop artist, ZUSH, is eager for supporters to hear his project in full.

With his EP expected for release later this year, get to know the artist whose musical journey started as a way for him to express himself, but now sees several opportunities in front of him…

L’ART: The first single from your EP, ‘Take You There’ is the new instalment from your EP. What’s the story behind the track?

ZUSH: It’s about experiencing a new feeling and trusting someone new for the first time. A guy meets a girl and instantly feels a connection, which he then embarks on trying to get to know her. They’re both from different walks of life, but the guy wastes no time in trying to get the girl to experience his world [both sexual and spiritual].

L’ART: It’s definitely a feel good Summer anthem. Where did inspiration come from?

ZUSH: When my producer sent me the beat with the Sizzla sample on the chorus, I instantly caught that BBQ in the back garden, rum punch in a plastic cup, sort of vibe. Then funny enough a few days later I was at a BBQ and was just observing people’s behaviour. The way guys would approach ladies etc, plus with the theme of the EP being, ‘Far From Sober’, I really wanted to address many different scenarios you would be in whilst under the influence, including trying to talk to a girl you like.

L’ART: You state the likes of Pharrell, Andre 3000 and Shakka as musical inspirations. What is it about their creativity that motivates you in your music?

ZUSH: Their freedom to not be afraid to try something different and make the music they want. They take risks with their music, but also find that common relatable ground for the masses and push it to the edge. They aren’t afraid to go left of the field in order to get the results. I can hear the passion and love for the art in their music, which you can only appreciate from such talented artist, and that [in] itself inspires me to keep that same energy and integrity in my music I put out.

L’ART: The EP’s coming later this year. What can you reveal about the future release?

ZUSH: It’s a very relatable project, as it tackles both good and bad points from what can be seen sometimes as a bad place to be in. I’ve taken a lot of real situations that are related, or simply situations you can find yourself [in] whilst being, ‘Far From Sober’ and tried to make them relate to people that may be in, or know people in that situation.

L’ART: What do you want listeners to take away from the new project?

ZUSH: An experience as well as an understanding. There’s layers on this EP that will make you feel both happy and sad, which are both centred and caused by one or two common things. The reactions, the feelings, the emotions is all on this EP, and if people hear this EP and can get that from it, then to me it’s a success.

L’ART: With many fellow London artists performing live this Summer, who are you excited to see?

ZUSH: Angel, WSTRN, be good to see the man dem from round the way doing their things. Also Shakka, Ghetts and few others. London[‘s] definitely been doing their thing and dropping a lot of bangers this Summer, so it will be good just to see those artists on stage going in.

Image Source: Forever PR