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Introducing: Ada

Introducing: Ada

November 19, 2017 | D&L

R&B and Neo Soul singer – songwriter, Ada, has unveiled her new single ‘All We Do’, in her quest to share her talent with her growing list of supporters.

Becoming more confident within herself when it comes to her talent, we caught up with the up and coming artist to speak all things music and 2018…

L’ART: The new track ‘All We Do’ is out now. Tell us a bit about the creative process.

Ada: ‘All We Do’ is a fun track discussing the tales of lust and love in a situationship between a woman and man. This track was inspired by thoughts I once had myself. Rather than pursuing them; I turned to my craft – writing – and turned a fantasy into a song.

The song further reflects something a little deeper for me, which some may not get right away – the woman taking control of her situation and/or having her cake and eating it too (without the consequences!).

Writing for me is a form of diary entry, so a lot of my thoughts and intricacies of my life are detailed in my song-writing – not always in the correct order and not necessarily telling the whole story at once – but they are there. They are definitely not as peachy as most would expect from a female musician.

L’ART: This follows your debut track, ‘Lovers & Friends’. How would you say you have grown as an artist since the first release?

Ada: My first release was actually a freestyle I put out in February, ‘What You Saying’, which was a tester if you like, to see whether it was really worth me pursuing a career in music. After the immense positive feedback, I knew I could no longer sit on my desire to give it a go and, well, here I am.

From ‘Lovers & Friends’ to ‘All We Do’, I have become a lot more confident. Although I am still not where I want to be as an artist, I am still quite impressed with how much I have managed to achieve over the last couple of months. I feel more confident experimenting vocally and with my song writing, which is amazing, as I always convinced myself I would never share my music with anyone.

Lastly, my boldness to release a track I mixed myself, knowing good and well I have no prior experience, is definitely something I had never considered before.

I have a lot of work to do in order to reach my full potential, but for someone who is always very hard on myself, I will give myself a pat on the back for my progression musically. Also for overcoming a few of my biggest fears.

L’ART: For those yet to get to know Ada, how would you best describe yourself/music in three words?

Ada: Empowering, adventurous and sensual.

L’ART: Who are your music inspirations?

Ada: Wow, my list is quite long. My top 5 are Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, JoJo, SZA and Adele. All for very different reasons to be quite honest but musically to me, these women will always be powerful contenders in this industry, because they were/are all unapologetically themselves through their music in every sense.

L’ART: What’s next for Ada in the coming year?

Ada: Quite a few things but by the grace of God. In the first quarter of the New Year, I will have released my collaborative EP, with producer XVR BLCK and also put out some visuals for the next singles. I am actually very excited about sharing these, as it will be my first project and first time I’ll be featuring in my own music video! To keep up to date with what else to expect you can follow me on all my socials @itsjustadax.

Image Source: For the Record PR