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June 19, 2017 | D&L

With his high energy and fiery flow, North West London’s, Casscade, makes his presence known on the Trap instrumental fused track, ‘Mood Rings’.

Following his vibrant tone and skilled writers mind already catching the attention and support of Charlie Sloth and DJ Annie Mac, we caught up with the rapper to talk all things music…

L’ART: ‘Mood Rings’ is currently showcasing your fiery flow. For those who are yet to hear the track, how would you describe the songs feel and sound?

Casscade: The songs an experience. It’s like bringing someone through a roller coaster ride, but they never feel on edge, instead, you thoroughly enjoy it. Sonically the track has predominant Trap/Hip Hop sounds, but has a relative UK Grime feel about it. If you were wearing a mood ring, whenever this track played in a crowd… let’s just say the colour would turn red!

L’ART: The track is described as capturing a myriad of colour and energy, a metaphor for the effect you wish to portray with your music. Tell us more…

Casscade: Well, I’m a very versatile artist. Ranging from songwriting/melodics all the way to fiery tracks like these. I feel that every song presents a mood… whether you’re sad, reflective, angry etc, you’re more inclined to listen to things that reflect your current mood, and however you’re feeling at the time and I always try to capture that. I feel like colours help to display messages or depict moods the same way it is said that mood rings do. I’m also a strong believer of the saying ‘you are what you attract’, and with that being said, it’s important the energy you keep around you is good.

L’ART: You’ve already caught the attention of many, including, DJ Charlie Sloth. How does that feel?

Casscade: It’s humbling. It’s crazy because how that happened I didn’t expect it at all. I was literally just sending emails to the emails’ [addresses] on his Twitter hoping for a response. Originally I got a response from someone on his side for a track off my new project titled, ‘In The Moment’, but I’m not sure what happened. I postponed the release of that track anyway and went ahead with, ‘Every Year’, at that time and thought I’d try my luck and send it over then BAM… literally was about to sleep and my sister hit me with the news and I was in awe.

L’ART: Your projects to date have continued to grow with each release. What can supporters look forward to following the, Living In The Moment, project?

Casscade: The project is full of vibes. I’ve got a few introspective songs on there, but I wanted people to enjoy the music in their favourite moments. The project was inspired by life at the time, and all I was doing was a recording, working hard and trying to enjoy life with the people around me. Everything was documented and I just used that for inspiration to come through with something fresh. If you need a soundtrack for this summer, I got you! Living In The Moment, is out now!

L’ART: With several London artists doing it big at present, who are you looking forward to seeing on the festival circuit?

Casscade: Definitely need to find myself at a Skepta and Giggs set. Been a fan since back in the day and they still coming through with hits, I appreciate that. I feel like Stormzy would definitely be someone I’d like to see on the circuit and J-Hus after dropping that new album.

There are too many dope artists to mention man. I’m just happy the scenes getting bigger and everyone is able to do their own thing.

Image Source: Ten Letter PR