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Introducing: Stash Peso

Introducing: Stash Peso

May 19, 2017 | D&L

After sharing the visual for his new track, ‘Glow’, Stash Peso soon made it to our weekly round-up, as you, the readers, couldn’t get enough.

With his articulate flow, thought provoking content and clever wordplay, we caught up with the North West London rapper, to talk new releases, inspiration and the UK music scene.

L’ART: Your visuals for the single ‘Glow’ have been met well by the fans, including our audience. How does it feel?

Stash Peso: It’s a great feeling! Thank you for all the support. I don’t expect anything when I release music, My boys like my music and that’s all that’s on my mind. When other people hit me up about my stuff it’s a nice surprise.

L’ART: What’s the story behind the dark visuals?

Stash Peso: Dark visuals have always been my thing. If I’m honest, I’m not even a fan of having my face in the visuals. I love just creating pieces of art. With ‘Glow’, I wanted it to look really dark, but with just flashes of light in there. In my head it symbolises hope.

L’ART: It’s been said that you treat music like your personal diary. What effect do you think this has on the result of your tracks?

Stash Peso: I reckon it allows people to find out more about me with each track. My style of writing is like a reminder for me.. certain times I listen back to the music I’m like, “Yeah, I remember that time”, and it will take me back to that mood (definitely isn’t always good).

L’ART: When can we expect to hear more new music from you?

Stash Peso: Within the next month or so? I’ve got an EP coming called, Shine. I’m just finalising a couple bits and bobs then it’s gonna drop! I’ve got some good stuff coming later in the year too. Looking forward to dropping more music!

L’ART: For those who are new to Stash Peso, what are the three main things they need to know?

Stash Peso: Good question!

1. I don’t like being in videos. If you watch my videos then you’ll clock you only really catch me from the side angle.

2. TOORARETODIE is the team.

3. Ricky Ramsey and Syf from Fifth Quarter play a big part in my music. Ramsey makes most of my beats and they both tell me if something bangs or not. They are important.

L’ART: There’s some great music coming from UK at present, particularly London artists. Who are you listening to?

Stash Peso: I listen to UK stuff all the time! Everyone in TOORARETODIE ( L Martin, Casscade, MAINE, Monroejoe). They are too sick. Kojo Funds is dope! Stormzy’s album is top notch, My boy Fonzie from West London, my guy Eklipse from East London just dropped a project, IT IS SICK! Everybody is working man, it’s sick to see.

Image Source: Ten Letter PR