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June 15, 2017 | D&L

Since sharing his ‘2 2 Badmind’ video and new single drop, Two4Kay is loving the positive reception from supporters feeling his new sound.

With track remixes on the way, touring with Popcaan, and more opportunities in the horizon, we caught up with the fresh new addition to UK talent.

L’ART: ‘2 2 Badmind’ has certainly been getting a lot of attention, particularly on the club circuit. How does it feel?

Two4Kay: It feels sick to be honest you know, especially when I’m in my hometown. I rarely go clubs in my hometown, but with me having ‘2 2 Badmind’ out circling, I’ve been popping out and showing my face.

L’ART: You wrote and produced the track yourself. When did you notice you had a talent for writing and producing music?

Two4Kay: Well, the first thing I felt was when my mum would play her music, melodies more than anything would stick with me and I’m talking being like seven. I remember clearly because Brandy had released, The Boy Is Mine, album!

I have an older bro who used to produce and DJ so I used to sneak in his room when he was out and find my way around the vinyl turntables, and the PC, which has Reason 1.5 on it (we’re now at Reason 9 lol).

L’ART: If you got the opportunity to do the same for other artists, who would you have in mind?

Two4Kay: I’ve been asked that before and you know what, I actually don’t know! I’d just love to travel and try work songs with different types of artists, with different accents, just to experiment!

L’ART: The track’s sound [‘2 2 Badmind] is inspired by your family roots. Who did you grow up listening to in your household?

Two4Kay: I grew up listening to RnB, Dancehall and Soca, very heavy.

L’ART: When can we expect the remixes to drop?

Two4Kay: That would be telling!

L’ART: You had the chance to work with Sneakbo on the remix. How was that?

Two4Kay: Yeah, it was dope! He came to the session and was just on it and very professional. Took him like 20 mins to get a verse and put it down. I’m also an engineer, so I took the vocals down myself.

L’ART: You’re all set to open for Popcaan on his UK tour. How did you feel getting that call?

Two4Kay: To be fair it’s still not sunk in! My manager is mad chilled as well so he just was like, ‘Yo Twos you’re opening for Popcaan yeah,’ and that’s it [haha] like say it’s nothing, but my manager manages me and Popcaan together, so if anything it’s a family ting!

L’ART: Where can fans see you perform?

Two4Kay: Let’s change fans to supporters! The main thing I’m pushing is the Popcaan tour, and that starts on 30th June in Birmingham.

L’ART: What songs of Popcaan’s are you looking forward to hearing live?

Two4Kay: One of the main songs I need to hear is Popcaan’s new song with Gorillaz. I know that live must be crazy!

Image Source: Ten Letter PR