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ISSUE 14: Hair And Make Up Never Felt Better With GoodLooks

ISSUE 14: Hair And Make Up Never Felt Better With GoodLooks

May 30, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

There’s a new hair and make up business in town.

Getting you in the beauty mood ahead of September’s London Fashion Week are good friends Katie Goodman and Naomi Barlow, as they present GoodLooks.

The joint venture sees the qualified duo bring you the best in hair and make up designs with an aim not just to make an individual feel pretty, but tapping into the ’emotion and feeling’ behind it to completely make someone look and feel their best.

With their services available for a range of special events and occasions, Katie and Naomi are here to transform your look just the way you like it, with inspiration from their own portfolios.

“I feel make up is about building a womans confidence on the inside… We want to provide the best business possible.

“This is a very fresh and new venture, so I will say that the possibilities are endless,” Katie explains.

Find out more about this great venture, their favourite looks to create and which public figure they would love to get their creative hands on in issue 14 of L’ART out on Monday.

Image Source: GoodLooks