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Issue 25: What’s Next For Furious 7’s Tyrese Gibson?

April 7, 2015 | D&L

Issue 25 is here and your cover star, Tyrese Gibson, talks life after last week’s movie release, Furious 7.

Now number 1 globally in the box office (they certainly did it for Paul and themselves), the cast are currently celebrating their success in what is thought to be the last of the movie franchise, but what is next for Tyrese? With the last of the Fast & Furious movies now released, as well as announcing the last of his solo albums, his fan base is eager to know what the future holds for the singer, actor and author.

“I’m very proud, honoured and blessed to be a part of this franchise,” he told L’ART, as he goes on to discuss new movie opportunities, the Black Rose package and a possible reunion with Taraji P.Henson on screen.

Plus, we catch up with UK artists Karen Harding and Kieran Alleyne. Representing new talent in 2015, collectively the pair share EP news, festival bookings, a television background and the theatre!

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INTERVIEW: Tyrese Tals Life After Furious 7