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ISSUE RELEASE: Cover Artist Fuse ODG Shares His Love For T.I.N.A.

ISSUE RELEASE: Cover Artist Fuse ODG Shares His Love For T.I.N.A.


October 6, 2014 | D&L

It’s Fuse! Bringing his worldwide movement to the forefront, the UK Afrobeats artist is successfully spreading the word about his love for New Africa. With hits such as ‘Million Pound Girl’, ‘Dangerous Love’ and the new single ‘T.I.N.A.’ hitting the airwaves, we caught up with the artist for all things Fuse ahead of his album release and upcoming tour.

“100% my life has changed,” he revealed. “I’m looking forward to connecting with the people.”

In keeping with new Music Monday, Marvin Humes recently unveiled his role as one third of LuvBug, the trio responsible for the new single ‘Resonance’. Throwing himself into a new project – amongst his role as a DJ – has become a new thing to the public, but has been something Marvin, JKAY and N3rd have had under wraps for a while now. So we asked those all important questions to get you the latest from the UK’s new group.

Plus, the time has finally come for The Pulse On Tour to come to London. Joined by Yanis Marshall as a guest teacher, faculty member Tyce Diorio talks all things London, broadway and the dance industry, as the professional artist wraps up his time on the Brian Friedman led project.

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