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It’s A New Day & It’s A New Anthem From Alicia Keys

May 2, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you are yet to buy Alicia Keys’ latest album Girl On Fire, then you’re really getting a good taster of what you can expect from her fifth studio album. Alicia has released a great mix of singles such as ‘Fire We Make’, ‘Girl On Fire’ and ‘New Day’, which is the next video that has been revealed this week!

‘New Day’ is a hard hitting song that has a strong beat throughout. It’s definitely uplifting and the message behind the lyrics is just as much of a mood-lifter. New days are meant for new starts, positive thinking, a chance to correct yourself or continue your goals and Alicia is all about that.

We feel like this is going to be an anthem for life, because the song is so relevant to everyday life. Watch Alicia as she struts through the streets of New York in her stilettos and shows us the city of New York. Plus, you’ll get a few surprise snapshots of the life she leads.

Here it is… ‘New Day’.

Image Source: Okay Player

Video Source: Rap Up