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It’s Never Too Early To Shop Kelly Brook’s Christmas Collection

November 6, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you’re looking for a few pieces to change up your wardrobe, then Kelly Brook is here to help, because she is releasing her Hollywood style collection with New Look.

Following her underwear range being made available last week, Kelly has now focused her attention on a complete polished look for all ladies to feel their best in both her latest fashion ranges.

You can enjoy a number of sleek black dresses, metallic finishes, lots of sequins, Aztec prints and an overall ‘take on glamour’. And you can’t forget about the finer details; look out for the stunning jewelled necklines and detailing around the shoulders.

So what inspired Kelly to make this Christmas collection? One word: Balmain. “It has strong details, collars, shoulders… very 80’s power woman,” said Kelly when describing her new collection. “It’s a strong, powerful look.”

With other pieces of inspiration coming from music videos, the catwalk and movies, Kelly went on to name a few people in particular that she looked to for her finished product. “I love Lana’s (Lana Del Rey) videos, style, music – everything about her. She’s got that old Hollywood vibe. Chav meets fifties meets Hollywood, that’s my vibe!”

But with the confidence to carry herself no matter how her body is changing, Kelly is very much looking forward to sharing this new venture with you ladies. “I just want to look healthy and happy. If you’re a good person, happy and confident, then it comes through in your eyes.”

You should definitely give it a try!

Shop Kelly’s Christmas collection and lingerie in New Look stores today.

Image Source: Mail Online

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