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It’s Time To Raise Awareness With Style For Stroke

May 8, 2015 | D&L

It’s time to join the supportive movement, as fashion retailers and some of the entertainment world’s favourite style icons back, Style For Stroke.

Every year the event is supported particularly by boohoo.com and you can now get involved alongside the likes of Pixie Lott, Eva Longoria and Nicole Sherzinger.

It’s always nice to see public figures, whether known through music, fashion or the arts, get involved with charity work. After all, we are all human, despite the use of the word ”celebrity’ and this fact is often forgotten when trying to relate to people with fame. So how exactly are these fashion lovers getting involved?

Well five celebrities have been chosen to create and design their own T-shirt with their own quote, adding that personal touch. All include the Style For Stroke logo and can be yours as of May 11th.

Although the quotes are personal to the selected celebs, you too can represent your own personality (we’re all human right?), and who says you can’t own all on offer?

Quotes include:

Leon of Lean Machines’, “You Only Get One Shot…”

John of Lean Machines’, “Fear Stops More Dreams That Failing Ever Will”

Zoella’s, “Be The Best Version Of You”

Niomi Smart’s, “Wearing Heels Is A Workout”

Tallia Storm’s, “Like Follow Tweet Tweet”

Ash Stymest’s, “Love The Life You Live”

It’s great that fashion is able to unite all when it comes to charitable acts and raising awareness. After all, this is the aim of the campaign. Awareness is much needed when it comes to the topic of stroke amongst the younger generation, as it doesn’t just happen to the older person.

Founder Nick Ede started the campaign after experiencing the death of his mother to a stroke, something he then realised he knew nothing about.

“I love fashion and style,” he said. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to engage a demographic who may not necessarily be engaged in understanding the gravity of stroke and what it can do.”

A launch party on May 13th follows in London to mark this year’s event and further raise awareness for the charity and its ability to involve the public through a well known love for many; fashion! Look out for those famous faces in the event snaps, where previous faces have included stroke survivors, 23 year old Becki Cobb, 22 year old Sarah Scott and 21 year old Becky Beaumont! There is definitely life after stroke.

Which tee will you be wearing?

Photo Credit: boohoo.com