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Jessie Ware Gives You A Bit More Devotion

April 9, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

As UK act Jessie Ware is gaining more social status since the release of her debut album Devotion, she is now set to release it for the second time as a gold edition, with a few added bonus tracks for her plan to conquer the US.

Although it took a while for Jessie’s singles to reach the ultimate chart success, it is now her time to shine as touring parts of the UK and receiving great reviews on Devotion has earned Jessie a positive and steady start to a great 2013.

She has recently collaborated with A$AP Rocky on a remix to the sweet-sounding ‘Wildest Moments’ and now you have a contrasting sound to get into called ‘Imagine It Was Us’. If you are still to listen to Jessie’s album, this is a real mellow-disco sounding track, as Jessie lets loose and reveals her inner disco diva. So with this and ‘Wildest Moments’, you can get more of an idea of what her album has in store for you.

In the past she has already been referred to as ‘the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT and Sade’, plus her debut album has wowed critics leaving them calling it a ‘strong and accomplished debut’. So with a few more tracks that Jessie has been working hard on, what will they have to say now?

Well as this single is set to be the one for Jessie’s US debut, be on the look out for more Jessie news.

Here is Jessie Ware with ‘Imagine It Was Us’.

Image Source: Global Grind

Video Source: On Smash