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L’ART Congratulates Kyron Anthony

March 16, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Those of you that attended Move It 2012 on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday will know it was a great success.

Amazing workshops with top choreographers, mind blowing and eye catching performances from dance academies, schools and not to mention our TV favourites, such as Chris & Wes, Alleviate and Ms Kimberly Wyatt.

The Maoam stand was even there with their friendly host keeping the crowd and passers-by hyped and supportive as they stopped to take part in the signature Maoam dance inbetween the dance competition intervals.

Visitors won’t be forgetting this year in a hurry and neither will L’ART favourite, dancer Kyron Anthony. He featured in issue 5 and since earning his world title status, Saturday not only saw him meet some key figures in the world of dance, but he also achieved a youth scholarship from London’s Urdang dance academy, giving him the chance to train a day each week in his craft until he reaches the starter age of 16.

Congratulations Kyron!

Image Source: Tatami Health