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L’ART Love Topshop’s Lemon Tie Dye Jeans

June 4, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Lemon Tie Dye Jamie Jeans, £25

We always jump at the chance of adding any colour to our wardrobe so you can imagine the reaction when glancing through Topshop’s range of summer trousers. There will always be a warm day when the weather is too chilly to have the legs out and this is when you can opt for a pair of these light jeans or any other trouser designs on offer this month.

These tie dye jeans are definitely in season with the mix of two colours, plus they’re high-waisted so you’ll never run out of crop tops, printed tees or tucked-in blouses to play around with. Get yourself a pair for £25 while you still can!

Image Source: Topshop