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L’ART’s Fashion Lookbook 2012

March 29, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Do you often look to celebrities for fashion inspiration? Or do you just choose your favourite retail pieces and throw a look together yourself? Whatever your preference, we have come up with five fashion looks in our L’ART Lookbook that anyone will look good in.

Today, a picture of Gwen Stefani has been circulating the net where she is sporting a ‘rock star’ look but when you think of a rock star, the majority will think of dark colours and outrageous accessories. Well we are here to show you otherwise as you can pretty much make any outfit as modern as you like (as Gwen shows here) and for those who have doubts about rocking certain pieces of clothing, we have a solution!

We have a selection of summer pieces for men and women to experiment with this season so be sure to check out our fashion lookbook in issue 7 of L’ART (out online on April 2nd) to find out more.

Image Source: Telegraph Fashion