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L’ART’s Night With The Dream

L’ART’s Night With The Dream

September 6, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

This week saw The Dream bring his IV Play concert to Camden Town’s Club Koko and what a night it was.

All thanks to the TCO Group, the American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer brought his tour stop to London to give fans a chance to hear material from his latest album release in its best live state, but not before supporting act Negash Ali and personalities DJ Frisky, Mr Play and Jay Knox kept the crowd entertained.

Choice FM known artist Negash portrayed his MC skills to the crowd which were well received and later followed by a musical trip down memory lane, as the sounds of Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, Tom Jones, Usher, SWV, Aaliyah and Stevie Wonder to name a few filled the authentic and picturesque venue to vocal concert goers.

From reminsicing about popular television shows (The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air) and celebrating the experiences of 70s, 80s and 90s babies, The Dream was definitely welcomed by excited fans ready to hear and relay new hits, as well as awaiting the classics in the form of ‘Falsetto’, ‘Shawty Is A Ten’, ‘Rockin That Thang’, ‘My Love’ and more.

With females hanging on his every word and the males appreciating the production beats and all loving the show taking place in front of their eyes, it was a pleasure to witness the incredibly talented artist for another time here in the UK.

Did you attend this week? How was your Dream experience?

Get your copy of IV Play out now and connect with personalities of the night on Twitter on the following: @friskydj @jayknox @mrplay @NegashAli @TheKingDream

Here’s the IV Play release ‘Slow It Down’.

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