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L’ART’s One to Watch: SeeJay100

L’ART’s One to Watch: SeeJay100

March 8, 2017 | D&L

UK artist, SeeJay100, may be new to the rap scene, but he’s steadily making a name for himself, particularly since being in love with Grime since the age of 13.

Being influenced musically by the likes of Kano, Wretch 32 and Ghetts, this up and coming artist has already worked with Cadet, and Stormzy to name a few and even featured in last year’s movie, The Intent.

Now joining forces with one of the hottest underground rappers of the moment on ‘Pretty Girls’, he’s definitely one to watch…

L’ART: ‘Pretty Girls’ is your latest track. Tell us a little bit about the single.

SeeJay100: It’s basically about our appreciation for all the pretty girls that have that little edge to them and don’t mind turning up like the mandem.

L’ART: On the track, you collaborate with underground artist, TE DNESS. How important is it to you to work with artists on the underground scene?

SeeJay100: Its defo important because where we are both on the come up, we share the same hunger, which usually ends in producing a great project.

L’ART: You had a chance to act in last year’s movie, The Intent. What did you enjoy about this experience and can we expect to see you back on film screens in the future?

SeeJay100: Acting in The Intent movie was such a big deal for me, it opened so many doors. The best thing about being a part of that movie; I got a chance to work with artists and actors that I looked up to growing up. As for expecting to see me on the big screen again, absolutely.

L’ART: Having worked with Stormzy in the past, how do you feel about his current GSAP success?

SeeJay100: I’m so happy for him. I believe it’s something he truly deserved and the fact we come from the same area, it’s so motivational because there’s lots of things I can relate to that has taken place on his journey. If you’re reading this, make sure you buy your copy and support. I did and it was prob the best £9.99 I’ve ever spent [lol].

L’ART: Who would you like to collaborate with in future, whether UK based or elsewhere?

SeeJay100: Ghetts, Donae’o and Wretch 32. It’s a straight UK ting.

L’ART: Being a part of the UK rap scene yourself, who are the top three artists doing it for you at the moment?

SeeJay100: There’s actually so much going right now, everyone is bringing their A game. There’s loads of bangers floating about. But if I have to pick three:

1. ‘Everyone Making Noise’ from Croydon (Thornton Heath)

2. Kojo Funds is killing it with the hooks right now

3. Ghetts is merking not just his tunes, but killing man on features [lol]

L’ART: What can listeners expect from SeeJay100 in the months to come?

SeeJay100: Defo can expect two new projects in 2017, a head line show, clothing line, new movie role etc. Basically I’m going to be everywhere!

Image Source: Ten Letter PR