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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Craig David

L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Craig David

May 20, 2016 | D&L

This week we shine the spotlight on Craig David and his new track, One More Time. Now if you’re a die-hard Craig David fan you will know that he was a huge part of the UK garage scene in the 90’s as well as one of the top UK RnB artists when he hit us all with the album Born To Do It.

Today, he continues to produce music that is relevant and unique whether he is performing live with his TS5 shows or back in the studio making new singles. Plus don’t forget to look out for his sixth solo album release this year!

Now, following the release of ‘When The Bassline Drops’ featuring Big Narstie and ‘Nothing Like This’ with Blonde, Craig has dropped another single for his fans and this type of music from the singer has certainly been “a long time coming”.

“It’s quite sentimental, it feels like it’s my moment,” said Craig as he reflected on his latest music release. “That pretty much sums up what the song’s all about.

“On one hand it’s about rekindling that relationship with that person you always knew was the one and it didn’t work out,” and the other? Well that meaning runs even deeper for Craig. He has always loved making music, being creative and being grateful for people listening to it; that has been his personal focus, not the stardom.

Although the latest tracks have been received very well, Craig has explained that ‘One More Time’ is his first official solo single from the upcoming album. “It’s a 2016/17 garage track but very authentic in terms of the melodies and what I’m talking about.”

Now, with an album release in October and a new hunger for making music, Craig is ready than ever to share his new project with the world, featuring production from Dave Tozer, NYC producer who has also collaborated with John Legend, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

So why does Craig think now is the right time to make music again? “I was listening to all these artists coming out and I thought, ‘I’m going to come back and smash this so hard, not for anybody else but for myself.’

“I can actually say my job is making music. To go into a studio and create a song that never existed and potentially affect millions of people’s lives with that. That for me is what life should be about.”

That’s why. Here is his official first single of 2016, ‘One More Time’.

Photo Credit: Hype Trak