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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Estelle & Tarrus Riley

L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Estelle & Tarrus Riley

June 22, 2017 | D&L

This week we slow it down with Estelle and Tarrus Riley as RnB and reggae world’s combine for the new track, ‘Love Like Ours’.

We’ve always been long-standing fans of UK songstress Estelle and it’s been great to see how versatile she is as an artist. From ‘1980’ and ‘American Boy’ to ‘Thank You’ and ‘Conqueror’, she just never puts a foot wrong.

Now joining forces with Tarrus Riley, this won’t be the last reggae tune you’ll hear from the British beauty as she is set to release a full reggae album this year.

“I grew up on reggae,” said Estelle when speaking of her upcoming release. “There was a lot of reggae influence in my upbringing. For me, it’s as I got older, I got to appreciate it more.”

Many people can relate to Estelle and were also brought up on reggae music, and the fact that this is based on her parents finding love again and reconnecting with each other is a touching story as inspiration.

“It’s a love story. It’s unique. It’s all the phases of romance. It’s kind of their story, the story of how my parents got back together. Love is love; sometimes it just takes time to come back around.

“So the album was developed from their entire perspective. It’s their story in ten records; a tribute to their love story. They found their way back.”

Check out the track.

Image Source: Zip FM