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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Miguel & Travis Scott

L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Miguel & Travis Scott

January 29, 2016 | D&L

We were already fans of Miguel’s track ‘Waves’ but now the star has released a remix of the song, featuring none other than (man of the moment) Travis Scott.

The original track comes from the Wildheart album and presents more of a mellow feeling but with Travis Scott on the remix and a more energetic vibe, the remix certainly offers an addictive alternative of the song.

In other Miguel news, following the passing of David Bowie, Miguel has paid tribute to the singer with his own intimate cover of Bowie’s classic track ‘Space Oddity’. Musicians from all types of backgrounds loved David Bowie as a person and for his work, including Miguel, as he achieved a lot in the music business and speaking out for people of many races and different walks of life.

He hasn’t released his version as an official track but he did treat viewers of an intimate concert to his own simple rendition with an acoustic guitar -check out the footage below.

However, it does appear, that back in October Miguel explained that ‘Space Oddity’ is the one song he wishes he had written. He said: “That song is just forever going to be classic. At the time [of the release] we were just going to the moon. It’s just insane, the timing of it.”

Have a listen to ‘Waves’ the remix featuring Travis Scott now.

Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: Rap Up