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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Nick Cannon

L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Nick Cannon

April 18, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

As we look forward to this bank holiday weekend, this week’s anthem turns to an artist who has turned many heads since the release of his second studio album, for his promotional appearance of Connor Smallnut, as well his chosen title for his latest project.

Of course we’re talking about rapper, television personality and comedian Nick Cannon and his April release of White People Party Music. Tieing in his history as a comedian with his love for music, satire can not only be found in the title of his album but also the lyrical content of featured singles.

Released on his N’Credible Entertainment label, when asked where the album title had originated from, here is what he told Rolling Stone:

“I named it that for fun more than anything. I knew it would stir up a little controversy. I knew it was funny – people with a sense of humor would get it immediately. I mean for a black man to make an album called White People Party Music is hilarious to me.

“I DJ all around and in my Serato you name your playlist different things. You got everything from slow jams to trap music to ratchet, 100 bpms. All of this stuff. And then there was a playlist I called “White People Party Music.” And I looked in there, and all my favorite songs were in there! I was like, “You know what? Damn it, I’m gonna name my album that.”

With features from Pitbull, Future, Fatman Scoop and Akon to name a few, the mix of hip hop and house genres includes the previously released tracks ‘Me Sexy’ and ‘Looking For A Dream’ as well as this week’s anthem track.

“So as much as I am a silly, over-the-top comedian who would just say anything, satire is very important to me. And to question society – I question everything. I question people’s insecurities about race. I question people’s differences altogether. And I ask those questions to the masses to make them reflect. So hopefully I – I think I definitely did that on many differet levels.”

With a different vibe to 2003’s self titled release, this track samples an R.Kelly favourite, following their working relationship on the track ‘Gigolo’. Here’s ‘Dance Floor’.

Have a good one guys.

Photo Credit: LA SP