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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With Cherish

March 1, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Who remembers the rnb girl group Cherish?

These four ladies definitely had a place high in our back of the stack cd collection, so imagine the excitement when we heard these ladies were releasing new music; with a taster coming today!

Fallon, Felisha, Neosha and Farrah were the angelic voices behind hits such as ‘Unappeciated’, ‘Killa’ and ‘Do It To It’, all of which had the infectious sound of the south behind their production beats, with aid from the likes of Jermaine Dupri and Jazze Pha.

Following solo career opportunities and the years to grow as people and artist’s, the girls are no doubt excited and eager to share their new material with their fans old and new, as they prepare to release new track ‘Get That Boy’ and bring back the presence of rnb groups!

Check out the trailer below, keep an eye out for the track unveil and tune in to your weekend anthem, the party starting 2006 track, ‘Do It To It’. Have a good one guys!

Image Source: Star Pulse

Video Source: YouTube