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L’ART’s Weekend Anthem With J.Cole

June 21, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Another week has passed and although it’s been a big one for fashion in the form of London Collections: Men, it’s also been a big one for music releases.

Chris Brown released his much anticipated video for the single ‘They Don’t Know’ with Aaliyah and Kelly Rowland, Kanye West and J.Cole also enjoyed the reception from their new album releases on Tuesday, as Talk A Good Game, Yeezus and Born Sinner caused a purchasing and download frenzy.

As much as we’ve given air time to all productions, we love the message given out in J.Cole’s ‘Crooked Smile’.

Pointing out his own ‘flaws’ and physical appearance with comparisons to those who may lower their value due to their imperfections, his positive message along with the hook sung throughout by TLC, these qualities make this single our weekend anthem.

Have you listened in on the new releases? What are your thoughts?

Have a good weekend guys.

Image Source: Rappers Room

Video Source: YouTube