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Laura Bailey The Director: ZanZan Eyewear

Laura Bailey The Director: ZanZan Eyewear

April 4, 2016 | D&L

Model and contributing editor to Vogue, Laura Bailey, has now joined forces with ZanZan Eyewear as a director and creative partner to the London based brand.

As she is no stranger to wearing a polished design of sunglasses, she is the perfect addition to the creative team and many are looking forward to even more products that will be produced from the eyewear company in the near future.

Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend founded the company in 2012 and Laura has joined the pair to consult, collaborate and assist with the design of the frames, so expect something special and unique to be brought to the table.

“I’ve long been obsessed with shades,” said Laura. “I feel vulnerable without them and they are my fastest way to transform both mood and look.

“They have played such a big part in my own style evolution and link so many of my movie or music fantasises.”

She can be seen modelling the latest addition to the ZanZan company, which focuses on quirky frames and pop-colours so you can really take on a confident persona with the shades. Laura has previous experience in designing for LK Bennet and Radley, editing collections for Topshop and many more. So no wonder this has been a very highly anticipated collaboration!

She also has her own personal collection of shades at home, which she has built up throughout the years. Anything from stand-out pieces at flea markets to designer choices from Chloe, Miu Miu and Chanel, they all have a story and significant meaning behind them.

She simply states: “Some girls hoard shoes or bags, I have drawers full of shades.” So she certainly has an eye for this field – no pun intended.

Photo Credit: Vogue