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Lethal B Confirms His UK Tour Dates

April 20, 2015 | D&L

Lethal B currently has his fans in love with his latest track, ‘Fester Skank’ and now the Grime musician has announced his upcoming October UK tour dates for the Dench Chat Tour.

The Fester Skank has become a viral sensation, just like any other new dance that an artist has created and following his recent appearance on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man talk show, the track was opened up to an even greater audience.

So how did the dance actually come about? Lethal B said: “The record itself was made in such an organic way; it was born out of my producer Distortion uploading a video of me doing a silly dance to the song on to YouTube and someone saying I looked like Uncle Fester in the comments. I had a feeling it would take off just by the reaction of the dance.”

Plus, can you believe it’s been 10 years since his single ‘Pow’ was released? To this day that song does something to the crowd when it’s played at local events. So now fans have been talking about a new album, but is this what’s on his agenda?

“I didn’t want to put an album out for the sake of it,” said Lethal B. “I want to release something at the right time we’ll have an impact on the culture.

“As much as I’m not hung up about numbers and sales, it’s important at the moment to chart well to raise the perception and encourage people to take the genre seriously.

“I think they’ll be an album soon as it feels like the music I’m putting out is connecting well. I want to shine a light on the genre in a big way and remind people we’re an important part of British culture.”

In the meantime, tickets are on sale for his Dench Chat Tour, which will travel from Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and make its way through to London, Bristol and Brighton.

Will you be going?

Photo Credit: Purple Sneakers