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Lipsia is All-Powerful in New Music Video for “Borracho”

January 16, 2018 | D&L

Shortly after releasing her latest single “Borracho”, vocal dynamo Lipsia returned just in time for 2018 with some beautiful, punchy visuals to accompany the hard-hitting song.

The video for “Borracho” sees Lipsia commanding the screen, delivering her powerful vocals to the audience. Lipsia’s presence is mesmerizing on screen, the camera switching from shot to shot, but Lipsia herself remaining the sole focus. This provides the perfect environment for Lipsia to showcase her true power as a performer, exuding confidence with every single outfit that she wears through the video, showing that the Angolan singer is more than capable of standing with the greats of the industry.

Even before the release of the video, “Borracho” was an impressive piece of work, to say the least. The emotive vocals of Lipsia, paired with the charismatic rapping of Cef on the chorus created an infectious vocal melody that sticks in the listener’s mind with ease. Now, with the video being released, we can only imagine to what heights Lipsia will soar to in 2018.

Image Source: Anthony Katz

Words by Anthony Katz