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LOCAL MUSIC: TeeJay Vocz Promotes Single Online For Download

November 9, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Do you remember TeeJay back in the first issue of L’ART? We first introduced him as part of a duo with fellow partner Devon but now TeeJay has begun a venture on his own and this week he has been circulating his debut single.

‘Follow Me’ is available to download online and if you’re a fan of Afro-Beats it’s been promised that this track is the one for you.

Now going by the name of TeeJay Vocz, the singer/ songwriter has taken a slight change in direction with his latest sound as R&B and Hip-hop was previously the key. But now fully focused on taking this genre ‘to a new level’ under the name of Blue Diamond Entertainment, he only plans on making this a success.

Take a listen to the track today and show some support for TeeJay Vocz.

Image Source: TeeJay Vocz