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London Fashion Week Men Is On Its Way

April 22, 2017 | D&L

For years, Fashion Week has been heavily focused on women’s fashion but men’s fashion events are quickly making a name for themselves.

This June (8th to 12th), the London Fashion Week Men (LFWM) already has some pretty amazing presentations, shows and events (provisionally) scheduled for the summer season and press and buyers can register for the event now!

On the opening night, the fifth anniversary party of LFWM will set the tone for the following days and it’s great to see the growth and support the event is receiving.

Shows already planned include TOPMAN Design, Katie Eary, Astrid Andersen and Ben Sherman, also the Rag & Bone flagship store opening on June 9th and a GQ dinner on the closing night.

Take a look at the schedule so far to plan your Fashion Week visit.

Image Source: London Fashion Week Men