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Look Who’s Joining Their Fellow Artists At Wireless 2014!

March 26, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

The Wireless Festival continues to get even bigger every month and today is no different, as new acts have already been added to the bill this week. With music artists being spread over many stages and in two different cities – Birmingham and London – the time and planning going into this huge 2014 event will certainly show on those three days in July.

The newly announced artists who will be joining the incredible cast at London’s Finsbury Park and Birmingham’s Perry Park include Sean Paul, Tinie Tempah, Robin Thicke, Naughty Boy, Schoolboy Q and Labrinth!

Other artists who you don’t get to see that often in the UK such as 2 Chainz and Pharrell Williams are also making an appearance, plus Clean Bandit who have taken the charts by storm lately, as well as J.Cole and Kanye West and Bruno Mars who are performing especially for their UK fans – Wireless will be their only live UK gig of 2014; talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity for this year!

Sources say that plans for Wireless 2014 were in motion as soon as last year’s event was over and not a minute later. Steve Homer, a Wireless organiser said: “We’ve got Bruno Mars and Kanye West exclusively. That exclusivity is hard to achieve and, obviously, comes at a price. These are real A-list artists, it takes a lot of funds to get these acts along.”

And they will be hugely appreciated by the hundreds of fans filling out both venues. Tickets are still available if you are yet to purchase yours. Head on over to the Wireless site now!

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter