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Lukas McFarlane Gears Up For First Company Tour!

October 26, 2016 | D&L

Lukas McFarlane and the unTitled Dance Company present news of their new show, The Suffocating Truth!

The 2013 winner of Sky 1’s Got To Dance and former L’ART feature has been busy of late with his unTitled team, as they prepare to showcase the company’s second full length show, with the tour kick starting in Birmingham on February 3rd and closing in Bristol on March 4th. The show will also be visiting Manchester, Liverpool and London in between.

Ticket holders can be prepared to be taken into the mind of creator Lukas, as he portrays ‘one man’s journey into the exploration of sexuality, relationships and feelings of betrayal, pain and love’. Throughout you will see the dancers portray a search for acceptance, as you’re led to ask yourself ‘To what length would you go to keep a secret? What toll does it take? Does it eat you from the inside?’ With many challenges along the way, every lesson learnt by the cast is a discovery that ‘brings them closer to true happiness’.

The new show marks a company first for unTitled, as not only will it be the debut of a new show, but The Suffocating Truth will be their first tour!..

…and that’s not all, as the company also recently released dates for an EXPOSED film, a show which will act as a promotional event and fundraiser for the upcoming tour. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Tickets for The Suffocating Truth are on sale now.

Photo Source: Lukas McFarlane