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Make A Statement This Summer With Your Own Footwear

April 4, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

tatement shoes are the big thing for the women out there wanting to keep up with the trends this summer and Topshop have got you covered, as they offer you everything from glitter, flats, wedges and hi-tops.

If you’re wanting to switch it up this season, day or night, Topshop offer some bold, bright, neutral and asymmetric footwear choices that will have you ticking those seasonal style boxes with ease whatever your style choice.

You can catch the full collection here and don’t forget issue 7 has guys and girls covered for new trends to try out, listed in L’ART’s Fashion Lookbook for summer 2012.

Larna Double Platform Sandals- £65

Aerobic Sport Wedge Trainers- £48

Fiesty Gold Glitter Sandals- £45

Image Source: Topshop