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Movie News: Mariah Carey’s Animated Film Release

Movie News: Mariah Carey’s Animated Film Release

September 11, 2017 | D&L

Ever since Mariah Carey officially announced the release of her Christmas movie earlier this year, fans have been waiting to receive more news on the project.

Now, the wait is almost over as the singer herself revealed the main character animation, as well as a trailer and release date for the movie.

Expected for a November 14th release, the movie takes the same title as Carey’s huge Christmas hit and seasonal book, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and the story will tell the story of Christmas through a child’s eyes.

‘The animated movie tells the story of young Mariah, who wants nothing more for Christmas than a puppy and has set her eyes on a specific little pooch named Princess.

Little Mariah is tasked with taking care of her uncle’s dog to prove her responsibility to get the number one thing on her list, which results in her having the best Christmas ever.’

Now, we’re not usually ones to speak about Christmas so early, but we’ll make an exception for Ms Mariah.

Along with the new movie, Carey will also release two new holiday songs and a new original song for the movie.

Check out the trailer below.

Image Source: Live For Film