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Mary J Blige Gets Very Personal In New Video

December 5, 2014 | D&L

Following the release of The London Sessions, Mary J Blige has released a new video from her latest album drop.

On hearing ‘Whole Damn Year’, which is included in the track listing, the emotional and powerful lyrics on the song open up the ears of listeners to the subject matter of abuse and domestic violence.

The gripping video sets a black and white scene and may prove to be a difficult watch, but is definitely a story that needs to be told, if not only to bring awareness to the topic. Mary also helps those who may need to get out of their own difficult situations by being so open.

Having experienced some trying times of her own in her life to date, Mary is not afraid to strip everything back for her fans and uses her personal experience to inspire others. In keeping it real in the process, this has led to her being seen as a close friend to her many listeners, as the track focuses on the recovery period following enduring abuse.

The London Sessions is the result of Mary’s summer spent recording her new album in London, with the likes of Sam Smith, Disclosure and Naughty Boy and is now available for purchase in the UK and nationwide.

Here’s ‘Whole Damn Year’.

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