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Melanie Fiona Welcomes You Into Her Life

March 21, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

After a lot of persistency and changes behind the scenes to her music career and management, Melanie Fiona was more than happy to see her second studio album release take place yesterday.

The Canadian singer that brought you mega singles such as ‘It Kills Me’ and ‘Give It To Me Right’, has unleashed her latest project on the world and judging by the track listing, the grammy award winner has been busy in the booth and even hooked up with some of today’s finest artist’s in the process.

With collaborations with J Cole, John Legend and Nas The MF Life is looking to be a great production, giving a life story & insight into the girl behind the music.

Showing her growth and improvement as a vocal artist since releasing The Bridge back in 2009, it will be great to hear how far this talented lady has come after making it through her obstacles.

Here’s the track ‘Running’ featuring Nas.

Image Source: Hip Hop For Free Video Source: YouTube